Quality and Standards intervention

This process provides the University Quality Team the ability to intervene where a particular and significant quality and standards issue in education provision or the student academic experience is identified. This is different from instigating a full Periodic Programme Revalidation, which would not be an effective use of resource to resolve a single issue, or the standard University Quality Team review process, which is bound to a schedule and is a general health check of quality and standards.

Given the ad-hoc nature of the intervention, there is no formal policy in place, but this gives the Quality Team the right to investigate and resolve a significant quality issue where this has been identified through intelligence, data metrics or any forms of information, at the point of detection. If such an issue was identified through a PPR or UQT review then that existing process would be used to address it. Any intervention will be focussed and address and resolve the identified issue in a timely way.

Triggers for such an intervention may, for example, be:

The features of the intervention would be that: