Periodic Programme Revalidation

An integral part of the University’s Quality Assurance Framework is the rolling programme of Periodic Programme Revalidation (PPR). PPR is undertaken by each School at subject level and seeks to align with PSRB accreditation activity as much as possible 

AQPO coordinates the schedule of Period Programme Revalidations. A senior member of AQPO will act as the review coordinator and the review will normally be chaired by one of the University Education Directors (Quality). The panel will include key members of the school, as well as external academics and/or employer/industrial representaives. The format is a round table discussion which analyses a portfolio of information relating to the validity and standards of the programme.  

Please see the full Policy for Periodic Programme Revalidation (PDF, 138kB) and for further details see the PPR procedure (PDF, 177kB).   

Please contact  if you have any queries relating to the Periodic Programme Revalidation.