23. Treatment and Publication of Results

Disclosure of marks and results

23.1   Marks are provisional until they have been approved by the Faculty Board of Examiners.

23.2   A detailed breakdown of results should only be disclosed to the individual receiving the award. Faculties must have clear procedures for such disclosure of marks.

23.3   Degree results may be published on school notice boards or websites at the discretion of the relevant school(s). The identity of the student must be protected when publishing these results (e.g. by using the students’ University of Bristol numbers not names).

23.4   Schools should ensure that there are arrangements following the meeting of the Faculty Board of Examiners for appropriate members of staff to be available to advise students of the results agreed by the board of examiners for individual papers or units and, where appropriate, to advise whether the board of examiners took account of any recommendation regarding exceptional circumstances. In disclosing marks to students, staff should take care not to enter into discussion about the apparent fairness or otherwise of the mark(s) agreed by the board of examiners.

23.5   Students making representations to staff, a Faculty Education Director or the Dean regarding any disputed decision of a Board of Examiners should be informed of their right to make a formal appeal under the Assessment Regulations.

23.6   Faculties and schools must bear in mind the need to comply with the Data Protection Act when disclosing personal information.

Transcripts and Award Certificates

23.7     The transcript is intended to provide useful information to potential employers or to other universities (in the case of credit transfer) and to facilitate better understanding of the student's level of attainment overall and in individual units.

23.8     For the purpose of transcripts and credit transfer, the University will make it clear how the student has performed in assessments relating both to the achievement of credit points and to overall performance.

23.9     The transcript in the approved format will show a single mark for each unit, which represents the mark agreed by the Boards of Examiners. This might be a combined mark to take into account different elements of assessment such as written work, practicals, coursework etc.

23.10   A copy of the transcript, in the approved format, will be provided automatically to students on completion of their studies. Subsequently, a charge will be levied for the provision of transcripts to graduated students.

23.11   The University will issue award certificates in the student’s legal name. No subsequent changes will be permitted to the name shown on a certificate except where a graduate, who has undergone gender reassignment, legally changes their name.

Retention of student work

23.12   Schools should judge what summatively-assessed work needs to be retained so to ensure that such work is available in the case of appeal. For this reason, the work of a student would not normally be retained for longer than a year following graduation.

23.13   Schools should also take into account the requirements of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies, where relevant.