28. Intercalation

28.1      Intercalation’ is defined as the circumstance in which a student takes up the opportunity to pause their study on a registered programme to study for a degree in a different programme of study. The student resumes, as normal, on their registered programme following the intercalation.

28.2      Only students registered on the following programmes at the University of Bristol are eligible to intercalate:

28.3         Only those taught degree programmes of the University of Bristol that have been specifically designated and approved can accept intercalating students. A register of the designated programmes will be held centrally.

28.4         Any programme that wishes to start to accept intercalating students should follow the normal procedure for a change to a programme, explicitly stating the rationale for accepting intercalating students in the approval documentation.

28.5         Requests for intercalation from students of the University will be at the discretion of both the director of the programme from which the student is intercalating (i.e. whether intercalation is suitable for a particular student) and the director of the programme onto which the student wishes to intercalate (i.e. whether a student meets the requirements of the programme and there is sufficient space to accommodate them).

28.6         Requests for intercalation from students of other institutions will be at the discretion of the programme director onto which the student wishes to intercalate.

28.7         A student may be permitted to intercalate onto a programme at a different institution provided there is a good academic reason for doing so.

28.8         Intercalation is normally undertaken subsequent to year 2 for entry onto the final year of a bachelors degree programme and subsequent to year 3 for entry onto a taught masters degree programme.

28.9         The maximum period of study for an intercalating programme is one academic year; intercalation will be completed within the same academic year that it has commenced unless a student suspends studies and/or due to other accepted exceptional circumstances.

28.10      As stated (see 24.10), credit can be used towards the award of a student’s registered programme and the degree programme on which the student intercalates.

28.11      For the purposes of an intercalated bachelors degree, each year of study on the MBChB, BDS or BVSc programme shall each deemed to be worth 120 credit points.

28.12      The final programme mark and degree classification of the Intercalated Degree, where appropriate, will be calculated purely on the marks achieved during the intercalated year of study (see the weightings for calculating classification).

28.13      The award of an intercalated bachelors degree will be conferred at the next graduation ceremony following successful completion of the programme, except for an intercalated taught postgraduate degree programme where the award will be conferred at the same time as the completion of the registered programme.

28.14      Whilst undertaking an intercalated programme, the student will be subject to the relevant regulations for that programme.

28.15      The Academic Personal Tutor, or equivalent, from the home programme will continue to provide support whilst a student from the University of Bristol is intercalating. An Academic Personal Tutor will be assigned from the school within which the intercalating programme is based, if the student is intercalating from another institution.