6. Academic Student Support

Information on the operation of the model, including the responsibilities of the Senior Tutor, Personal Tutor and the student within this are provided in the University’s Policy on Academic Personal Tutoring‌‌.

6.1 Each school will have a coherent academic support model for its students that fits within the framework provided by the Academic Personal Tutoring policy, supported and delivered by (but not limited to) two key roles: the Senior Tutor and the Academic Personal Tutor (or ‘personal tutor’).

6.2 Academic personal tutoring will be underpinned by a regular programme of contact between students and their personal tutors; minimum expectations on the frequency of meetings are set out in the policy.

6.3 Each School will have a mechanism in place to review the academic progress and engagement of its students who have not completed or passed assessment at relevant points during the year of study (e.g. following Teaching Block 1).