QAA Subject Benchmark Statements

QAA Subject Benchmark Statements are part of the QAA Quality Code - Part A: Setting and maintaining academic standards.  They set out expectations of standards for bachelors and masters level degrees in a range of disciplines.

Many programmes at the University of Bristol are in alignment with a Subject Benchmark Statement in their subject, and this will be indicated on the programme specification where applicable. The Programme Director is responsible for managing and recording alignment to Subject Benchmark Statements. 

Revisions to Subject Benchmark Statements 

The QAA regularly consult on Subject Benchmark Statements and operate a programme of review. Subject Benchmark Statements are reviewed no later than 5 years after they were first published or 7 years following a first review.  

AQPO will liaise with relevant Programme Directors as and when a revised Subject Benchmark Statement is published and it is the responsibility of the Programme Director to check that the programme continues to be in alignment. 


For further information or to update QAA Subject Benchmark Statements on your programme specification, please contact us at