Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies

Many departments have links with the relevant professional and/or statutory body (PSRB) for their subject area. The University is committed to ensuring that any quality investigations undertaken by such bodies e.g. for the purposes of accreditation, are integrated into the University's internal quality assurance processes and any other external quality procedures.

PSRB submissions and reports  

The University Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC) is responsible for maintaining an overview of the requirements of PSRBs, and any issues with regard to academic quality and standards arising from accreditation visits.  The following information relating to PSRB accreditation will be reported to AQSC shortly following a re-accreditation:

AQPO will liaise with the relevant school administrator to coordinate the timely submission of these documents to the AQSC. 

PSRBs at Bristol

The definitive list of programmes which are accredited can be found by looking in the programme catalogue.

The following are some examples of current PSRBs.


Please contact Sophie Billings for further information.