Programme withdrawals and suspension of intake

Programme Withdrawals and Suspension of Intake

There is a form to complete for programme withdrawals and suspensions of intake.  Please complete this for consideration at a School-level committee and by the Faculty Education Director (normally at a Faculty committee) and Dean.  Once signed by the FED and Dean, please email the form to with details of School and Faculty approval dates.  AQPO will manage the withdrawal of the programme within UPMS and ensure that programme withdrawals are considered by Education Committee and that a list of programme suspensions are maintained. AQPO liaise with the prospectus team to ensure the relevant programmes are removed from the prospectus once a withdrawal is approved.

Please specify in the form how the interests of any students and applicants will be protected in the event of the withdrawal of a programme.  It is recommended that Schools consult appropriately with students and communicate decisions in a clear and timely way.  Issues for students on programmes being withdrawn will vary depending if the provision is being replaced by a new programme or not but in all instances the withdrawal form must detail the teaching out plan for the programme and include consideration of the quality of the student experience for the duration of the programme.  The accuracy and currency of published information should be checked.  Any issues around the equality impact of a programme withdrawal should be considered and documented.

The withdrawal form should also show how students and, when relevant, applicants will be communicated with about the withdrawal. For further information please see the consumer protection page.

Programmes that are Teaching-Out

Programmes that have been withdrawn and are no longer recruiting but have current students registered are considered as Teaching-Out.  These programmes are subject to the University's normal quality assurance processes, and must complete a specific Teaching Out APR Template (Office document, 31kB)  to capture issues particular to students on programmes in this phase. The teaching-out review may take place alongside the school's annual review of programmes, and the report must be submitted to the AQPO by September 30th (UG) or 31st March (PGT).

Withdrawing a unit

You are not required to complete an approval form to withdraw a unit, but you will be required to complete approval information for the programmes affected. There is guidance on withdrawing units using the Unit and Programme Management System. Depending on the timing of the withdrawal and the type of unit being withdrawn you may need to comment on how students and/or applicants will be informed (e.g. if a mandatory first year unit is being withdrawn).