Key Dates

Existing Programme and Unit Changes

March – Annual unit updates, including changes to availability and teaching-block must be agreed and into UPMS before the Timetabling Web Data Collection commences.

April - All other programme and unit changes must be fully approved by the end of April in the year before the change is to take place (e.g. April 2020 for changes to the 20/21 academic year)

Please see the Faculty and University Committee Dates here.

* Exceptionally changes can be made after the April deadline for the following year, or even in-year. Such changes normally arise from staff or student feedback and must be in the best interest of students. Any changes to the programme structure which affect the availability of mandatory units, or revisions to programme learning outcomes would not normally be permitted after the April deadline. Approved late or in-year changes must be communicated to students an/or applicants. See consumer protection link below.

New Programmes and High Risk Major Changes to Existing Programmes 

Please refer to the New Programme Approval Guidance

Programme Withdrawals

May - For programmes entering the next admissions cycle the final meeting that AQSC will consider programme withdrawals is its May meeting, reporting to the June UEC Programme withdrawals must be approved by the School and Faculty before going to AQSC and UEC for approval. Programme withdrawals should ideally happen in time for the record to be taken out of the relevant printed prospectus and before applications have been made, but must happen before the start of the recruitment cycle. Please email to discuss.

Consumer Protection Legislation

Consumer protection legislation has implications for all programme changes. Please contact us to discuss implications of changing/withdrawing programmes.