Questionmark Blackboard Integration

In 2011, as part of the Questionmark Perception (QMP) Activity Snapshot exercise, ESU asked academic users what their top requirements for development of the service were. In the top three was integration with Blackboard.

Project time scale

The project will take place between March 2012 and May 2013.

Schedule and progress

The table below shows a simplified schedule for the project and indicates which stages have been completed.

Target dateTasksStatus
09-Dec-13 Initiative start up complete
09-Dec-13 Notify users that Wimba Create will reach the end of it life complete
20-Dec-13 Convene Wimba Create replacement Working Group complete
31-Jan-14 Specify and prioritise user requirements complete
28-Mar-14 Evaluate products ability to meet requirements complete
14-Apr-14 Recommendation to TELAN for endorsement complete
30-Sep-14 Deploy eXe institution-wide via Software Centre complete
30-Sep-14 Develop basic user support for eXe complete
31-Oct-14 Technical assessment of Xerte current
12-Sep-15 Bring Xerte production service online for selected user groups  
12-Sep-15 Collate basic user support for Xerte  
12-Dec-15 Implement Wimba Create exit strategy  
12-Dec-15 Close initiative  

Note: other top requirements were addressed through a separate project that involved a major upgrade of the technical infrastructure and migration to QMP version 5.2. Read more on the Questionmark Perception V5 upgrade project page.


This project has now been completed. The recommendations were submitted to TELAN in October 2013. Please contact Roberta Perli if you require more information about the project or if you are interested to find out more about the integration between Questionmark and Blackboard.

Please note: Currently the integration is only recommended to be used for formative assessment or non-critical activities.

Project contact

Roberta Perli