Questionmark Perception Version 5 Upgrade

Project description

Questionmark Perception (QMP) is the sophisticated software system behind the University of Bristol’s dedicated online assessment service. A recent consultation with academic users cited resilience and scalability as two of their three top requirements for the service. To ensure these continue to be key features as use of the service increases, a project is underway to carry out a major upgrade to the QMP technical infrastructure. This involves building a completely new server architecture and migrating from QMP version 4 to version 5.

For end users the there will some functionality enhancement. However, the real benefit will be improved system performance and scalability. This project will also address the growing concern that Questionmark (the company) have announced that they will withdraw support for the version we are currently running later this calendar year.

Note: the third requirement cited as most important by academic users was integration with Blackboard. This will be investigated through a separate project which will commence after current one has been successfully completed.

Project time scale

The project will take place between April and September 2011.

Schedule and progress

The table below shows a simplified schedule for the project. It also shows which stages have been completed and which stage we are currently working on.

Target dateTasksStatus
20-Apr-11 Obtain project approval and funding Complete
31-May-11 Notify QMP users of project; Purchase new hardware; Complete
30-Jun-11 Set up new hardware; Install QMP v5.2; Trial database migration Complete
31-Jul-11 Extensive testing of new system Complete
31-Aug QMP v4.4 (i.e. current) taken offline; QMP v5.2 brought into production; Campus wide upgrading of Authoring Manager; Deliver QMP v5.2 update training workshops Complete
30-Sep Deliver QMP v5.2 update training workshops Complete