Students with disabilities or health needs

If you have a disability or health need, you need to contact the Student Accommodation team. We want to make sure that suitable arrangements are in place to help you live comfortably and safely in your residence.

You may need to tell us about a disability or health need because you did not include it on your accommodation application, or your circumstances may have changed due to illness or injury that have happened since you moved in.

We will need medical evidence from your doctor that explains what changes to your accommodation would be needed to support your health need. 

Accessible accommodation

We are committed to providing all our students with the accommodation that is best suited to their needs. We have a range of residences with adaptations for students with disabilities or health needs.

If your room does not meet your health needs

If you have moved in but feel that your room does not meet your health requirements, please contact Student Accommodation on

Student Accommodation will either look to move you to a more suitable room or will help to coordinate any adjustments needed to your room, such as additional equipment, to ensure you have what you need to live comfortably.

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