The SafePod Network provides access to research datasets in local safe settings.

The SafePod Network (SPN) provides a major step change in the way that administrative and other sensitive datasets can be accessed.  The SPN is a network of independent standardised safe settings, known as SafePods, located in higher education institutions across the UK.  All SafePods operate under the same policies and procedures, and provide accredited researchers with access to project datasets from participating data centres.  The major benefit of the SPN for researchers is that they will be able to have widespread access to research datasets from across the UK in a single location, eliminating the need for long distance travel to a dedicated safe setting provided by a data centre. 

The University of Bristol’s SafePod is located in the Medical Library and is available 10am-4pm on weekdays, excluding public holidays and University closure days.

Researchers that need access to sensitive or confidential datasets from a participating data centre can access them from this SafePod.
A wealth of government datasets, as well as study and survey datasets are available for secure access from SafePods.  This includes datasets from:

Other data centres may join the network in the future.  The SafePod can also be used for other local or confidential work that requires the use of a safe setting.

The SafePod Network is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and managed by the University of St Andrews. SafePod is a registered trademark of the University of St Andrews.

How to book a SafePod

The University of Bristol's SafePod can be booked through the SPN website at Where needed, priority of access will be given for research that is critical to society and the economy. 

Access to our SafePod will be coordinated by trained staff. Bookings must be received by the Coordinators a minimum of two working days before the date the SafePod is required. Bookings go to the Data Centre for approval before they reach the University of Bristol SafePod Coordinators, so please factor this in when making your SafePod booking.

Further information

For further information about the University of Bristol SafePod, contact

The SafePod Network can be contacted on +44( 0) 1334 463901 or

Frequently asked questions

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