Publishing research data in the data.bris repository

data.bris is the University's publicly accessible Research Data Repository. This section contains guidance for those wishing to deposit data in the repository.

For data re-use information see Accessing data in data.bris.

Standard deposit information

If you are a University of Bristol researcher and have research data that you want to make publicly available, the University's Research Data Repository may be an appropriate way to do this. The Research Data Repository enables researchers to publish any type of research data, from any discipline, which underpins a research output, e.g. academic journal article, chapter in a book or conference. Project PIs can apply for their own RDSF space, other researchers and post-grads can publish data via their PI/supervisor.

Overview of the research data publication process for University of Bristol academics:

  • Register as a Data Steward with the Research Data Storage Facility then register your project/s to receive your allocation of free data storage. At present, a Data Steward can publish up to 100GB of data per RDSF project. This is currently being reviewed and we will be moving to a publishing allocation per Data Steward, rather than per project.
  • Once you have access to your RDSF storage space, copy any data you wish to make public into your project's pre-configured ‘Data-Bris’ publication folder on your desktop.
  • Complete a Deposit Record form by logging into (you can create more than one Deposit Record if you’re describing several different datasets). When the Deposit Record is complete, you can choose the data within your Data-Bris folder you want to publish.
  • Request publication of your Data Deposit Record

***To access the RDSF for data publications, you must be on a UoB networked PC, or the VPN, and will need to have the project mapped to your drive.***


If you wish to publish data under access restrictions (i.e. not as Open data) please also see Publishing data under access restrictions.

DOI and the data access statement

Once your deposit has been verified, your data will be published, along with the corresponding Deposit Record. You will be issued a unique British Library DataCite DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for each separate deposit you make. You can then use this DOI to cite your data in publications. We've more advice on Sharing research data by citing your published dataset. Data access statements are mandated by a growing number of funders: EPSRC and NERC currrently, and from 1 Jan 2021, the Wellcome Trust, as well as being recommended by other funders.

Your published data deposits will appear in the data.bris data catalogue, in the DataCite registry, and are also visible to search engines, such as Google; this helps maximise visibility and impact.

Note for Data Deputies

Data Stewards can nominate Data Deputies. As a Data Deputy you have the ability to complete the majority of the deposit process as described in this guide. However, only the Data Steward can request final data publication. We do this to ensure that the Steward gives final approval.

Data preparation rules

For information on how to prepare your data for publication in data.bris, see Data preparation rules.

Data publication process

Once your data is ready, see Data publication process for a complete guide to publishing your data in data.bris.

After publication

Published data cannot be changed.

If your data requires updating, you will need to publish a new version of your dataset with links to the original. See After publication for advice on this area.

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