Off-site working and fieldwork

Fieldwork is taken to include interviewing and other methods of data collection which involve the researcher leaving the building. It is clear that the majority of the work is safe, but there are occasions when there might be difficulties, and the aim is to always minimise risks.

For each project, researchers and supervisors should have a meeting to discuss safety. If required, the researcher and supervisor will complete and sign a risk assessment form. These procedures may need to be reviewed and amended as the research progresses.

For fieldwork involving the public, there are also public engagement considerations. Talk to your supervisor about this if you are unsure.

Safety suggestions

No single set of guidelines or instructions will suit every project and the researchers involved due to natural variations.

However, there should be discussions about safety and good practice that explore options including formal and structured systems using a designated person or more open arrangements.


Download the SafeZone app so you can get help if there is a medical or security situation while travelling.

Travel insurance cover

University of Bristol students are eligible for free travel insurance for University-related travel.

However, this is not automatically provided. Anyone travelling as part of University business must complete the online application system for the traveller to arrange their cover.

Learn more by visiting the Insurance page and talk to your supervisor if you have any questions.

Student placements

Additional guidance is available for student placements, talk to your supervisor for advice.

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