Lone working

Lone working includes any situation where someone is engaged in a solo activity, out of sight and out of the hearing range of other people. It relates to working out-of-hours and/or in isolated environments, such as inner rooms.

While it is accepted that almost everybody will be a lone worker at some point during their normal activities ("the first to arrive, the last to leave"), it is important to consider the personal risks associated with lone working, fieldwork or working outside normal hours, such as weekends or bank holidays.

It is also important to distinguish between the chance occurrences of finding yourself on your own versus work which is specifically intended to be carried out in isolation and which may last some time.

Always remember to:

  • have a means of contacting others, such as a mobile phone that is charged and has network access
  • let someone else know that you are working out of hours, what time you will be finished and ensure they have a means of checking in with you
  • think about the activity you are doing and avoid hazardous activities
  • contact Security Services if you are concerned for your safety or that of others
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