Audible noise and vibration


Loss of hearing from exposure to noise during work or study can be easily avoided.

You'll know the noise level needs to be addressed if you have to shout to be heard over the noise. The noise must be reduced by:

  • removing or replacing the source of noise
  • enclosing the source of noise
  • using ear defenders

Following University guidance on controlling the risk from noise, the noise levels in work and study environments should be assessed and tested to make sure these levels are not too loud.


We also have to be careful of hand-arm and whole body vibrations that can lead to conditions such as white finger and aggravated back pain.

Equipment such as grinders, polishers and bandsaws that generate vibrations in materials have the potential to cause harm.

Following University guidance on controlling the risks from vibration, we should seek to reduce exposure to vibration wherever possible, keeping below action levels.

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