Useful forms

Immunisation and health surveillance referral

Form: Immunisation and health surveillance referral
Completed by: School or Service Head or SSA
Purpose: For all staff or students requiring immunisation or health surveillance as part of their work or course.

Night workers health questionnaire

Form: Night workers health questionnaire
Completed by: Employee
Purpose: To identify possible areas of special need in relation to night work.

Pre-course health questionnaire

Form: Pre-course health questionnaire
Completed by: Prospective students who plan to study Faculty of Health courses
Purpose: Health screening before you start your course

You will be sent your pre-course health questionnaire by the Admissions team. Once completed, submit the form using the Admissions portal.

Research passport health questionnaire

Form: Research passport health questionnaire
Completed by: Faculty, School or Department representative
Purpose: Confidential health assessment to ensure you are fit for the research activities you will be undertaking within the NHS in order to protect your own health and safety, and that of others.

Workspace setup (DSE)

Form: Workstation risk assessment
Completed by: Staff member with contribution from local DSE assessor
Purpose: Assess the risk of workstation setup and make ergonomic adjustments where needed.

Work-related stress

Form: Work-related stress risk assessment
Completed by: Management
Purpose: Identify the risk factors for work-related stress and create an action plan to address these.

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