Complaints procedure

The Occupational Health (OH) Service aims to provide timely and high-quality care to all our service users. We constantly strive to maintain existing high standards of care and are keen to develop and improve our services. If there is any dissatisfaction with the quality or standard of the service received, and a complaint is made, the Occupational Health Service undertakes to consider such complaints seriously and to respond promptly.

Informal complaints

Whenever possible complaints should be dealt with informally, directly with the member of the OH team who is responsible for the service or transaction concerned. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, after making an informal complaint, then you can submit a formal complaint.

Formal complaints

Please put your complaint in writing to the Occupational Health Manager by email at

When making a formal complaint, please state:

•    Your name,
•    Your postal and email address,
•    The nature of your complaint,
•    What has/has not been done,
•    Why you are not satisfied,
•    How you would like the matter resolved.

The complaint will be acknowledged by email on receipt.

The Occupational Health Manager will investigate the complaint. This may include seeking further information from you about the complaint.

Following the investigation, a written response setting out Occupational Health’s formal response to the complaint will be provided within 4 weeks.

Escalation of a complaint

In the event that the complainant remains unhappy with the outcome of the investigation undertaken by Occupational Health, the Director of Health and Safety will advise on the appropriate route, based on the nature of the complaint, on behalf of the University Registrar and Secretary.

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