Patient data and medical health records are confidential and we take strict measures to manage and protect personal information.

Secure and confidential

Our records are held securely on a dedicated system that can only be accessed by Occupational Health Service staff.

Only members of the Occupational Health team are authorised to enter the clinical rooms or read health files and notes. Medical records are protected and we take every measure to ensure that patient-identifiable information is kept safe, private and inaccessible. 

All clinical members of the Occupational Health team are bound by professional codes of ethics and standards, and our staff receive confidentiality training annually.

Each team member understands their responsibility to protect confidentiality and we will never share medical information without your express consent.

Read more in our confidentiality policy.

The University is committed to the safe and secure storage of staff and students’ Occupational Health records.

Esther Perry, Occupational Health Manager

Protecting your privacy

Medical records contain private and often sensitive information. Just like any other type of health service, we keep health information confidential to protect your privacy.

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