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The Occupational Health Service is provided for some student groups within the Faculty of Health Sciences and School of Education on courses with occupational fitness to practice requirements.

Pre-course health screenings

When you confirm Bristol as your first choice university, the Admissions team will get in touch with a ‌Pre-course health questionnaire for Faculty of Health applicants, or a separate questionnaire for PGCE applicants. The process is:

1. The Admissions team will send you a pre-course health assessment questionnaire if your course involves:

  • clinical duties, or
  • contact with vulnerable patients or clients.

2. Complete your questionnaire as fully as possible, providing:

  • a full history of your past or current health issues,
  • current vaccinations and the dates these were administered,
  • a print out of your immunisations

3. Upload the completed questionnaire through the Admissions portal by the deadline provided.

You may be contacted by the Occupational Health team for a health assessment in Bristol before you start. The vast majority of students are fit for their courses and the school you have applied to will be informed if you need any support or adjustments. 

Contact us

(0117) 455 6743

Fitness to practise

We provide services for students on courses with fitness to practise requirements:

Students on other courses should seek information from Student Services, the Students' Health Service or their own GP.

Student Services

Support and services for your health and wellbeing whilst studying at University.

Students' Health Service

Students can access a full NHS GP service through the Students' Health Service.

Needlestick hotline

If you have a needlestick injury, call the needlestick hotline on 0117 342 3400.


We provide occupational immunisations and blood test screening for Faculty of Health students.

Other vaccinations to check with your GP

The following vaccinations are not Occupational Health requirements, but we recommend you check you are up to date with these vaccinations by contacting your GP or the Student Health Centre. 


If you experience health problems that are affecting your studies, you may be referred to Occupational Health Service by the Faculty of Health Sciences or School of Education. 

Student electives

The Occupational Health Service will help you prepare for your elective by certifying occupational vaccination records and carrying out blood tests to meet the health clearance requirements for your host hospital.

Additional tests for student electives

There are some additional tests that can be provided for student elective placements by the Occupational Health Service.

Immunisations leaflet front cover Leaflet

Advice about immunisations - Hepatitis B

Needlestick injury leaflet

Advice sheet for High Risk Needlestick injuries whilst on medical elective 

Tuberculosis (TB) NHS leaflet

An NHS information leaflet about Tuberculosis

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