‌Mission: To deliver original, rigorous, and significant research into human cognition, emotion, and behaviour in order to advance the scientific discipline of psychology, and to provide outstanding, research‐led teaching that equips our undergraduate and post‐graduate students for a range of futures both within psychology and beyond. We aim to produce world‐class research that can help people and societies to maximise their potential.

The School's research profile is structured along three streams:

Brain and Behaviour

Co-ordinator: Professor Nina Kazanina
The brain and behaviour team investigate the interplay of brain structure and function as well as neurobiological mechanisms and behaviour during human life span. Parallel to research on normal behaviour, memory and cognitive performance, the pursuits aim to improving understanding of biological underpinnings for several common health issues, such as general well-being, mental health and dementia.

Cognitive Science

Co-ordinator: Professor Laura Mickes
This grouping has particular strengths in language, developmental psychology, social cognition, visual perception, memory, tactile action perception and decision-making - and interactions between these domains.

Physical and Mental Health

Co-ordinator: Professor Claire Haworth
The physical and mental health team specialise in mental health data science, tobacco and alcohol research, digital health and nutrition and behaviour

School of Psychological Science Research Strategy - download the School Research Strategy (PDF, 143kB)School Research Strategy (PDF, 143kB)‌ 


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