Public engagement

The School of Psychological Science provides a variety of opportunities for members of the public to learn about the work we do. 


Brain Box Challenge

Our outreach team run the Brain Box Challenge, a workshop on the brain designed to fit with Key Stage 2 in the primary school curriculum. This workshop can also be tailored to suit older pupils.


Bristol Neuroscience Festival 

We are also involved in the highly acclaimed Bristol Neuroscience Festival. This was named STEM Event of the Year for 2016 by the South West STEM Learning Hub. Our staff and students present their research to members of the public over 2 or 3 days and there are numerous hands-on activities to help you to learn about what we do. We even hold a Schools Brain Art Competition with our friends at the royal West of England Academy. More details on the Festivals past and present can be found on the main website


Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group 

Over the past few years the Tobacco and Alcohol Research group have taken their research findings on the road to places such as Greenman Festival. Festival-goers of all ages had the opportunity to participate in experiments, measure their exposure to alcohol and cigarette smoke and watch a live demonstration of the harmful effects of smoking. You find out more about one of their visits by reading this blog-post by Jasmina Khouja, a PhD Student. 


The Conversation 

Prof Stephan Lewandowsky and Prof Marcus Munafo contribute articles to the online magazine The Conversation. This represents an interesting collaboration between scientists and journalists to bring exciting new discoveries to members of the public.


School Colloquium Series, Research Group Seminar Series and Inaugural Lectures

Research findings are presented at our regular Wednesday afternoon colloquium series, and at the Inaugural Lectures given by our newly appointed professors. Both are open to the public.

Many of our specific research groups also have regular seminar series which are open to everyone, such as Mind & Machine and the Bristol Vision Institute


External Advisory Board

The School also welcomes members from industry and charities to sit on our External Advisory Board. The board help us to ensure that we remain outward facing, dynamic and competitive in our research and teaching. 

During National Careers Week 2020, on March 2nd, we invited our third year BSc students to meet the board directly and ask them all things careers based! This was a successful event for all those who attended and gave our students the opportunity to reflect upon their options when they graduate. 

Brain Box Challenge

A workshop on the brain designed to fit with Key Stage 2 in the primary school curriculum.

Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group

TARG conduct research into the psychological and biological factors underlying health behaviours. Have a look at their Youtube channel to find out more information!

Working Memory for Educational Psychologists

In this film, Professor Chris Jarrold introduces the concept of working memory, and why it is important in a classroom setting. 

Neuroscience in Bristol and beyond: engaging the public with neuroscience

Professor Bruce Hood, Dr Nathalia Gjersoe and Kate Longstaffe, Experimental Psychologists at various stages in their careers, discuss how they have been involved in public engagement.

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