Undergraduate courses

If you are keen to develop your knowledge in neuroscience, pharmacology or physiological science, our school can help you thrive. See how our innovative and pioneering teaching approaches are supported through our research and find out about the people behind our work.

We offer the following courses:

BSc Neuroscience
UCAS Code: B140, three years full-time
MSci Neuroscience
UCAS Code: B141, four years full-time
MSci Neuroscience with Study in Industry
UCAS Code: B140, four years full-time, entry by transfer
MSci Psychology and Neuroscience
UCAS Code: CB81, four years full-time
BSc Pharmacology
UCAS Code: B210, three years full-time
MSci Pharmacology
UCAS Code: B212, four years full-time
BSc Pharmacology with Study in Industry
UCAS Code: B211, four years full-time
BSc Physiological Science
UCAS Code: B120, three years full-time
MSci Physiological Science
UCAS Code: B122, four years full-time, entry by transfer
BSc Physiological Science with Study in Industry
Four years full-time

Watch our short films to find out more about our Programmes:

Studying Physiological Science at the University of Bristol

Studying Pharmacology at the University of Bristol

Studying Neuroscience at the University of Bristol

Student satisfaction

92% of final year students on our BSc Neuroscience course in 2018 were satisfied with the quality of the course. Source

You will be taught by exceptional academics, using innovative and exciting teaching methods in specialised labs with excellent facilities. Not only will you gain the practical experience, you will also develop confidence in critical thinking and report-writing, skills that are invaluable for any future career. Our school is internationally recognised for its research as well as its teaching, ensuring you benefit from one of the the highest student experience's across the world.

Did you know?

Students can apply to transfer onto Study in Industry from any of our three courses, and benefit from a year's salaried position in commercial or government research, such as a biotech or pharmaceutical company, or research institute.

Intercalate with us

The School welcomes all intercalating medical, dental and vet students on to our courses in Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Physiological Sciences.

Biomedical Sciences Lab Summer School

If you are currently registered at a university and studying for a biomedical sciences or related degree (such as biology, zoology or medicine), the Redirect (Biomedical Sciences Lab Summer School) offers a unique opportunity to gain new skills in laboratory techniques while deepening your scientific knowledge.

Watch our short films to find out more about our what our students think:

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