Portable equipment

In addition to the studio-based equipment, we offer the following floating and portable equipment:

  • Fostex FR2 solid-state field recorder
  • Zoom H4N solid-state field recorder
  • Marantz CDR300 portable CD recorder
  • Marantz CDR310 portable CD recorder
  • Yamaha 02R digital mixing desk
  • Yamaha 01V 'live station' and numerous pieces of outboard effects, keyboards and vintage gear for experimentation
  • Various recent and older Apple computers, for recording, legacy projects etc.
  • Two ADAT-XT machines and BRC controller
  • AV rack with Behringer mixer, pro CD player, effects processors and Mackie 1530 active loudspeakers
  • Nintendo Wii Remotes and Nunchuks for interactivity experiments


We offer an extensive collection of professional microphones, ranging from high-end models by Earthworks and Neumann to studio workhorses by AKG and Shure, and from specialist drum mics to stereo models for field recording.

A well-maintained stock of ancillary equipment includes microphone stands from table-top to five-metre heavy-duty, cables and multicores, cradles, pop shields and a full Rycote windjammer system with fishpole.

Pre-amplifiers include models by Focusrite, Art and Tascam.

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