Instrument collection

We have a large range of instruments available for our students to use.


  • A fine, mechanical action 13-stop chamber organ, with two manuals and pedals, built by William Drake (1996).
  • A new, three-manual and pedal, digital organ from the Veritas Organ Company, generously donated by its designer Graham Blyth (2011).
  • Organists may also use the organ in the Great Hall of the Wills Memorial Building: a three-manual (four divisions) and pedal organ last rebuilt by Nicholsons in the 1960s but presently maintained by Harrisons of Durham.


  • There are grand pianos by Steinway (a Model D in the Auditorium), Yamaha (Auditorium and Recital Room), Bösendorfer, Petrov and Estonia as well as smaller models in some practice rooms.
  • Other practice rooms have upright pianos, including six new high-quality Yamahas purchased in 2010 thanks to a generous legacy from the late Christopher Stunt.


  • A Goble copy of a single manual Fleischer of c.1720 (as played by J. S. Bach).
  • A Colin Booth single manual, a copy of a late Renaissance harpsichord.


A Yamaha, four-octave celesta.

Wind instruments

We own a range of non-standard wind instruments for the use of performers in the various ensembles, including:

  • an alto flute;
  • two Cors Anglais;
  • two E-flat clarinets;
  • two bass clarinets (one of them a Buffet Prestige, with extended low range);
  • an Amati contrabassoon;
  • a set of four Wagner Tubas.


We have a comprehensive range of orchestral percussion instruments, including:

  • two xylophones;
  • two vibraphones;
  • 4.3 octave Condor concert Marimba;
  • two sets of pedal timpani, including a new set of five Majestic copper-bowl timpani.

Early instruments

We hold a collection of early instruments including:

  • a baroque string quartet;
  • a chest of viols;
  • recorders;
  • a lute.
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