Bristol University Loudspeaker Orchestra

The studios host a regular electroacoustic concert series under the title 'Sonic Voyages'. These events draw substantial audiences from a wide-ranging clientele, and are held in the Auditorium at the Victoria Rooms, a historic landmark for the city of Bristol, and home of the Department of Music.

Our electroacoustic concerts feature BULO, the Bristol University Loudspeaker Orchestra. BULO allows electroacoustic music to be performed for a live concert audience.

With an array of loudspeakers distributed around the concert hall, controlled from a special-purpose console, we can expand the music from its private life on CD to the full scale of the auditorium: gaining power and delicacy, motion in space and emotion for the mind, bringing the audience together in a shared experience.

As with the conductor of a symphony orchestra, the director of the Loudspeaker Orchestra learns the music intimately to create a new interpretation in real-time. For special events, BULO joins with video projection and works with live acoustic performers.

Technical aspects

In technical terms, BULO is a stereo-to-many diffusion system which can also be configured for n.1 surround, octaphonic, and custom playback.

The members of the orchestra are high-quality sound reinforcement speakers and studio-grade monitors from Genelec, Dynaudio, Mackie, and Event, supplemented by special guests as needed.

The orchestra can also co-opt the 22-loudspeaker array of our Veritas digital organ.

The orchestra is directed from the diffusion desk, an adapted model by Soundcraft with smooth long-throw faders and per-channel EQ. The sound source is a multichannel computer interface, or microphone and other live feeds.


For forthcoming performances, see the Department of Music events listing.

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