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The School Congratulates

Alex Little

6 September 2021

The School congratulates the following who now have new roles.

Andrew Jones - Data Science Heilbronn Research Fellow: Andrew started with us in Sept 2019 and has been working with Patrick Rubin-Delanchy for 2 years, looking into spectral methods for dynamic network analysis.

Alex Little - Research Associate: Alex is one of our current PhD students in the Math Physics group under the supervision of Francesco. He will become a member of the Mathematical Physics group as Research Associate, under Thomas Bothner's supervision. Alex is an expert in Random Matrix Theory who has done very interesting work on the eigenvalue statistics of certain product ensembles during his PhD. Thomas is planning to work with him on problems in non-Hermitian random matrix theory and questions related to the six-vertex model, a prototypical model for two-dimensional ice in mathematical statistical mechanics.

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