Bristol-NQCC Quantum Courses

Two six-week online courses from NQCC and University of Bristol, aimed at professionals, researchers or leaders in business, government, academia or commercial organisations wanting to move into the field of quantum technologies. Learn and be able to use the key concepts and tools in the field to enable you to engage with, and start to contribute to, state-of-the-art developments.

Course information 

These online courses will be delivered by world-leading experts, Professor Noah Linden and Dr Paul Skrzypczyk in partnership with the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC). The following information is per course.

Course dates: Quantum Computation course 2023 will run from 9th October until 8th December. Third iteration of Quantum Information expected to run spring 2024

Content: 18 hours recorded material and supporting notes

Time commitment: Two weekly 1 hour live interactive small group classes. One assignment to be completed per week with personalised feedback. Total time commitment of 50-60 hours. 

Duration: 6 weeks (with one-week breaks)

Cost: One course: £3000 / Two courses: £5,000; discount applied at time of registering for second course

Bursaries: 15 bursaries per course will be available. The level of support available will be £2000/course for employees at UK SMEs and UK Early Career Researchers (reducing the cost of a single course to £1000), and £2500/course for UK PhD students (reducing the cost to £500).

Enrol on a course

Registration for Quantum Computation now open. Closing date 2nd October.

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