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Congratulations to David Hume

7 May 2021

Congratulations to David Hume who has been awarded a 5-year EPSRC Fellowship.

David Hume has been awarded a 5-year EPSRC Fellowship (held in Bristol) for his project 'Coarse Geometry of groups and spaces'. The Fellowship is designed to support talented and ambitious researchers to deliver research excellence to meet UK and global priorities.  David is currently a Heilbronn Fellow and his research is focused on geometric group theory, Gromov hyperbolic groups and their generalisations and coarse geometry and embeddings. 

He completed his PhD entitled 'Embeddings of infinite groups into Banach spaces' in 2013 at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Cornelia Drutu. David worked with Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace at UCLouvain and with Romain Tessera at Université Paris-Sud, Orsay. Before arriving at the Heilbronn Institute in October 2020 David was a Titchmarsh Research Fellow in the Topology group at the University of Oxford, a Junior Research Fellow at St Cross College and an Enterprise Fellow of the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division (MPLS).

We wish David every success in his future research.

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