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Data Science is the novel area of Science and Technology at the intersection of Mathematics, Statistical Science and Computer Science born out of the desire to take advantage of opportunities and respond to the challenges of the data revolution. Employability prospects are extremely strong, and the transformative capacity of this revolution offers the promise of particularly exciting careers.

BSc in Data Science with the Institute of Statistical Science in the School of Mathematics at Bristol is a way to start your career, whether in industry, government or research, with a solid mathematical and computational footing. The course includes all of the technical rigour of the regular mathematics programme but emphasises the specific needs of a data scientist to provide statistics and machine learning as core mathematical goals. In particular students on the course receive strong training in computer programming, in collaboration with the Bristol Scientific Computing (BriSC). They further engage in practical data science projects, enabling them to understand and deploy cutting-edge algorithms at scale on real data. A large proportion of the units on this course have been specifically designed to train data scientists and allow the students who opt for the BSc in Data Science with a Year in Industry version of the course to make the most of this opportunity.

Watch the video below to hear from one of current students about studying Data Science at Bristol.

In order to further support students on their journey to a professional career we have developed partnerships with local and international companies endorsing our degrees.

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The University of Bristol has a Data Science Society. Visit the DS Society webpage to find out how you could get involved.

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Royal Society’s report Dynamics of data science skills 2019

“Demand for workers with specialist data skills like data scientists and data engineers has more than tripled over five years (+231%)”

The BSc Data Science provided by the University of Bristol is an excellent programme for aspiring Data Scientists and more broadly students with a curiosity in how data and computational power can be brought together to understand and make change in the world. The programme provides essential and advanced skills in programming, algorithms and mathematics to equip the next generation with the technical ability to solve some of the hardest challenges in science, technology and society.

Dr David Greenwood - Chief Operating Officer & Director of Data Science

We strongly support efforts to provide advanced and practical expertise directly to undergraduates. This data science course was created in part by ex-Heilbronn Fellows, to address skill shortages across academia and industry. The practical skills described in this course should enable students to rapidly transition ideas into practice.

Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research

Our business is all about data. LV= GI and the University of Bristol have a strategic and close-working relationship and in September 2019 we opened an office at the University of Bristol. Our aim in establishing an office on campus was to be a part of a multi-disciplinary environment that brings real-world economics and business practices together with leading academics and exceptional students. LV= GI is very supportive of the new BSc course in Data Science, in the School of Maths, and we are looking forward to working with staff and students as we continue to build our capability in this important and growing discipline.

Liverpool Victoria

According to LinkedIn, Data Scientist was the #1 job in the USA for the fourth year in a row Q4 2019. This analysis is based on median salary, overall job satisfaction and the number of job openings. The trend looks set to continue and shows no signs of slowing down, in the UK just as much as in the US. To quote a recent article on eFinancialCareers in Aug 2020 “If there’s a candidate with a skillset that can be sold into multiple employers in multiple sectors in late 2020, irrespective of COVID-19, it is the person with an elite education in data science…” Furthermore, due to the large skills shortage in the market for Data Scientists many companies and clients are looking for graduates with these skills, so there hasn’t been a better time for Data Science graduates to move straight into lucrative and enjoyable careers.

Harriet Kirkpatrick - Director Tria Recruitment (Maths Graduate UoB)
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