Create alternative formats yourself

Use SensusAccess to convert short documents into a more accessible format including: MP3 audio, Word, Braille, and e-books.

Conditions of use

This service is for University of Bristol students and staff.

You can make an accessible copy if:

    • you own the copyright (i.e. it's your own work) 
    • you have permission from the copyright holder 
    • the copyright has expired 
    • you or the person you are making the copy for have a print disability 
    • you can't find a commercially available version in an appropriate format.

By making a copy, you agree that: 

Please note: a University of Bristol email address is required.

Support materials

Please ask library staff if:

  • you require coloured paper for photocopying
  • you want to borrow a coloured overlay
  • you want to borrow a magnifying sheet.

Training and support

Contact Library Support if you need training for you or a support worker to help with:

  • using scanning equipment and software
  • converting a chapter of printed text to an electronic format or audio. 
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