How the grade structure operates

Moving up the scale within a grade

The expectation is that staff will move up to the next service increment point each year (subject to satisfactory performance), until they reach the top service increment point of their grade (not shaded). Once at the top service increment point, no further increases are payable (other than annual cost-of-living increases).

Moving between grades

This is only possible if the role itself changes so significantly that on re-evaluation it is found to be a different grade, or where an individual moves from one role to another (for instance, in the case of promotion or progression to a higher level role).

Academic Career Pathways and progression

The Academic Career Pathways consist of profiles matched to grades I to L as follows:

While other staff will also be on these grades, specific progression arrangements apply to staff on the Pathways.

On Pathway 1, progression from grade J to K and from K to L will normally take place from the fourth point of the grade. If progression does not occur, an individual will normally move to the top service increment on the grade.

For staff on Pathways 2 and 3, where progression is conditional, progression could take place from the fourth point on the relevant grade. Staff who do not progress at this point will move to the final service increment.

Full details of the operation of the pathways can be found here.

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