Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing

Want to organise a wellbeing session?

Would you like to arrange a wellbeing session for you and colleagues? From yoga to reiki, massage to mental health awareness workshops, why not check out the facilitators directory to see what’s available.


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Looking after yourself

The health and happiness of our staff is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to providing support where we can, to help you deal with any issues around your mental health and wellbeing.

Time to Change

In 2017 we signed the 'Time to Change' pledge, and we offer a range of programmes and services to support staff wellbeing.

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 999 now. If you feel that your mental health is at breaking point, you can speak to the Bristol Mental Health Crisis Team

Use the resources we've listed here to help look after yourself and your colleagues. If you have feedback on any of the Staff Health and Wellbeing initiatives or programmes you have experienced, please email

We find ourselves in what can feel like a continually changing world, in both the home and at work. Blended working has for many of us changed our time and routines in the office and this will continue to evolve.

We all approach our physical and mental health and wellbeing differently, and therefore we are striving to provide a holistic and comprehensive array of wellbeing support and activity that has something for everyone.

Please explore the wellbeing resources available to all staff located on our wellbeing intranet. We also renew our aim to ensure staff feel listened to - lots of our offer has come directly from staff feedback.

We continue to welcome all ideas and suggestions, as they help to shape our wellbeing approach. Equally we want to continue breaking down the barriers and stigma that may limit members of our community from coming forward and seeking help and support.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for what else we can do please do let us know by emailing

Claire Buchanan, Chief People Officer

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As staff, I believe we have the right to a healthy and supportive environment, especially in regard to our mental health. I recognise the stresses and difficulties individuals can face both inside and outside the workplace, and I am here to facilitate discussion, understanding and support where necessary. I am well-versed in a variety of techniques and materials, and I am confident that we can work together to find the appropriate support to enable you to overcome challenges and move forward.

Robert Schultz-Graham, REPHRAIN Centre Administrator, Engineering Faculty Office