TMP – Senior Professional and Specialist, A Service Overview

Recruiting for some roles requires a little more focus than an advertisement can provide. This is often the case for senior or specialised positions. This is because typically around 85% of the employment workforce isn’t looking for work, at any one time.

Our Senior Professional and Specialist team identify this large pool of people that are not seeking another opportunity and are therefore not looking at adverts.

Once these candidates have been identified, we approach them directly with details of your role, positioning your opportunity in a positive manner. All of the work that we conduct is completed using

your brand. This means that we are building your brand amongst talent pools made of the sort of candidates that you want to recruit. It also means that we are able to gain much more credibility with

candidates than a typical recruitment agency, which will not divulge the names of their clients.

Once we have managed to build a relationship with these candidates, we begin to assess them, to ensure that they meet your criteria and fit your requirements. We begin to screen them in accordance with your requirements.

All interested and suitable candidates are presented to you, to enter your own selection processes. You can recruit as many people as you wish from this shortlist, at no additional cost to you. The whole process is more cost-effective than using a recruitment agency or head-hunter and a thorough search is completed within three to four weeks.

TMP has designed this solution to differ from the traditional head-hunters and recruitment agencies in the market-place. Some of these differences have been listed below:

We charge for our time, completing a comprehensive search and producing a suitable and briefed shortlist. We don’t believe that you should pay any additional fees when

you decide to offer.

All the candidates that we produce are yours, to do with as you wish. Several of our clients have recently hired more than one person from a search, for no additional fee.

As we comb the marketplace searching for candidates, we produce significant data. We believe that this is your property and will produce a market insight report for you.

For a £60k salary, most head-hunters will charge between £10k and £15k; because we charge only for the search, we are able to offer far more competitive rates.

Our processes are clear and transparent. As our clients pay for the resourcing team’s time, our clients are able to clearly see how their money is being used.

We don’t operate a candidate database, meaning the candidates we find for you, will not be put forward to any other clients.

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