On line campaign to promote the University's vacancies

As you may well be aware, the vast majority of applicants for all types of vacancies at the University find out about, view and apply for the job on line; reflecting general trends in the use of the web in recruitment and many other areas in recent years.

To help ensure that the University remains able to attract the best candidates for externally advertised vacancies, a rolling web-based advertising campaign has been developed that optimises the latest  e-recruitment technology across a range of targeted web sites covering the full spectrum of job types. Enhanced job postings, banners, buttons and other e-recruitment tools are utilised alongside keyword sponsorship on the Google search engine to help capture the widest possible range of suitable potential candidates and drive people to the University's jobs web site, which includes lots of relevant links and useful information for applicants. Click here to download a summary of the inventory included in the current 12 month media campaign (PDF, 417kB).

Importantly, the University is able to monitor detailed data on how effective its on-going advertising campaign is. This data is reviewed at the end of each 12 month period and informs the campaign that is then set up for the next 12 months. The University's advertising strategy is also informed by research data, such as the 2013 survey of University recruitment effectiveness (PDF, 1,448kB) commissioned by www.jobs.ac.uk

Human Resources also utilise appropriate social media channels for promoting vacancies: jobs can be posted into the University's Linkedin account and also a dedicated recruitment account on Twitter @BristolUniJobs

In the light of the above on-line strategy, coupled with current and on-going budget pressures, HR do not routinely place vacancies in print media. It is, however, recognised that there may on occasion be a need to use other niche or specialist media for some vacancies. If you have a forthcoming vacancy and wish to discuss the best advertising strategy then please contact your Faculty/ Division HR Team. We collect data on and closely monitor where applicants and those short-listed and appointed see our vacancies and so can also share this data with you.

These arrangements represent the University’s continuing commitment to ensuring that it has an effective, flexible and forward-looking recruitment advertising strategy, which fully exploits the many benefits of accessibility and reach provided by the web.