Job Description Guidance - Professional Services


When advice is required regarding job design and structure,please contact your HR Business Partnering team in the first instance.

All Professional Services roles must be graded before they can be advertised for recruitment.   

For information and advice on recruiting to your vacancy, please refer to the University’s recruitment and selection guidance.

The UBJES process is not required for a role in the Research and Teaching job family. Instead the appropriate academic career pathway and role profile will need to be selected to determine the grade,  the relevant pathway and Faculty specific template should be used, and the University’s policy for the  should be followed.  

General advice about using the job description template

The following sections need to be completed:

The Job Title

This can be a broad job title covering several jobholders if the job description covers a group of staff.  If the submission is a re-evaluation you may wish to take the opportunity to revise the current job title, please get consensus from the role holder(s).

Section 1: Job Description

Complete the following information once the role has been graded and is ready to be submitted for recruitment.  

Section 1.1: Main Job Purpose

The main job purpose outlines the overall contribution the job makes, or alternatively “why” the role exists. 

Section 1.2:  Main Statement of Responsibility

This section includes the key responsibilities of the job or “what” the role is intended to achieve. 

For Professional/Administrative roles only: 

For all roles

Section 1.3: Relationships 

Section 1.4: Organisation Chart(s)

Provide an organisation chart, showing the whole School/Division in broad outline to indicate where the role sits in the larger structure. If it is not possible to show the more immediate team on the organisation chart, provide a second chart showing the more immediate team(s) and reporting structures as they impact on the role. 

Additional considerations:

Section 1.5: Job Hazards/Safety Critical Duties (Pre-employment health screening)

Please refer to the guidance notes at:

Section 2: Person Specification

Relevant Experience, Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications, Communication and Interpersonal Skills and Additional Criteria

Section 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Detail the experience, skills and knowledge, relevant qualifications, communication and interpersonal skills, that are essential to the effective performance of the job. The requirement for these should be reflected elsewhere in the job description, for example if the role requires a professional qualification it should be clear from the work examples and statements of responsibilities that the role is operating at that level.

For Professional/Administrative staff roles only: 

For all roles:

Section 2.4 Additional criteria

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Section 3 Job Evaluation 

Section 3 (3.1-3.4) is neccesary to supplement the job description for the purpose of evaluating the role through the UBJES process. 

Section 3.1: Work Examples

Provide 3-5 work examples relating to the key and representative responsibilities of the role. Provide a paragraph per example, and a maximum of ONE AND A HALF PAGES of A4

Section 3.2: Additional Statistical

Examples of statistical information are found below:




Section 3.3: Relevant Physical and Environmental Information

Describe any physical and environmental information which is not covered elsewhere which is beyond a typical office environment, but is essential for a proper understanding of the role.

Section 3.4: Key Contacts

Identify only the most significant internal and external relationships that the role has, and the overall purpose of the relationship, e.g.:

Line Manager - Monthly one to one meetings to discuss overall progress of the project, exchange information, and reach agreement on issues requiring escalation