Pathway 1 (Teaching and Research) Role Profiles: Background


Pathway 1 comprises four role profiles. These set out the levels of contribution by academic staff whose roles include both teaching and research. 

The profiles were developed locally, and were based on models offered at the time by Hay, the AUT (now UCU) and the JNCHES national role profiles.  The profiles have been subject to minor updating from time to time, to reflect more general changes in academia, language, etc. but have not been fundamentally changed.

There are separate role profiles for staff whose roles are focused essentially on either research (Pathway 2) or on teaching and scholarship (Pathway 3).

Each level within the role profiles subsumes the competencies of any lower levels.  These role profiles set out the generic competencies required to be appointed, or progress, to the particular grade and the duties expected of role holders once appointed to that grade.    It is unlikely that any single member of staff will be carrying out all the designated responsibilities at any one time but he or she would be expected to undertake most of them over a period of time.  It is also recognised that the complex nature of the University means that not all these descriptors are necessarily relevant to academics in every School.

Care must be taken by academic managers to ensure equality of opportunity in relation to the allocation and rotation of departmental responsibilities to ensure that appropriate competencies and experience can be acquired for progression to a higher level.

Some academics are employed on contracts that require clinical work.  The precise nature of this work is negotiated with the Trust(s) for which the individual works.  In evaluating a clinical academic, the level of the academic contributions remains the same as for non-clinical lecturers, but the quantity to be expected is reduced to take account of the clinical service provided by the individual.