Movement from Level a to b

(Pathways 2 and 3)

Note:  Staff who do not have a PhD may be appointed against the role profile for level a, or if they do not have the relevant experience and will not be carrying out the requirements of that role profile, to a grade determined through evaluation of the job description via the UBJES scheme In the latter case, the role holder will not be on the academic pathways although they may be transferred should their role develop in future.

For those on Pathways 2 and 3, and undertaking a role at level a (Teaching or Research Associate) there is no right of progression to level b.  However, the Head of School with the Dean’s authorisation, may recommend to Human Resources a movement to a new job at role profile b with a confirmation that a role at that level exists on the relevant Pathway.

There is no specified point in time or identified “progression point” for consideration of such cases, and such cases are not subject to the progression procedures.  However, in making any recommendation for a move to level b, the Head must be clear that an individual is ready to operate at the level described in the b profile for that Pathway, and that there is an operational requirement to have the individual operating at that level.  They should also be satisfied that funding exists to support the re-grading. They should also confirm at that point whether the role will be progressable to level C and beyond and ensure that this is communicated clearly to Human Resources who will, in turn, confirm this in the contractual amendment to the individual.

Schools should seek to ensure consistency and fairness in determining such a move from role level a to role level b.  The following principle may assist in determining when it might be the appropriate time for someone to move to level b on Pathway 2, although this will not be a determinant of the decision:

On moving from Level a to b, staff will normally move up one incremental point on the salary scale.  For example, a member of staff who is currently at the top incremental point on Level a (i.e. spine point 34) will move up to spine point 35 on Level b.  The member of staff's increment date will then become the anniversary of the salary increase resulting from movement to level b.

For staff on Pathway 3, level a, there can be no movement to level b unless the DVC also authorises the establishment of a new Pathway 3 position, or refilling of a vacated Pathway 3 position, at that level.

This guidance only applies to Pathways 2 and 3.