English undergraduate courses


English Single Honours

English Joint Honours

  • BA English and Classical Studies (QQ38)

    This degree combines investigation of the ancient Greco-Roman world with the study of works from all periods of English literature, many of which reflect or reanimate ancient texts and topics.

  • BA English and History (QV31)

    A joint honours course in English and History that aims to develop your interest in, and knowledge of, the relationship between literature and history.

  • BA English and Philosophy (QV35)

    This course gives you the opportunity to study the two distinct disciplines of philosophy and English literature.

  • BA Film and English (6T3X)

    A course that combines film with the study of English.

  • BA Theatre and English (4CC8)

    This course combines theatre with the study of English and provides you with the key skills to understand and make performance through exploring critical and historical frameworks alongside practical workshops. 

Or combine your English degree with a modern foreign language (4 year course, includes a mandatory year abroad):


Liberal Arts

The department also contributes to the following multidisciplinary courses:


The following one-year course is available to students studying Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science, at the University of Bristol or elsewhere:

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Recent graduate, Anouska Wilkinson, discusses her own experiences of being an English student at Bristol.

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