Research without Borders

A celebration of the pioneering work of the University of Bristol's postgraduate researchers.

Research without Borders 2022

Research without Borders is a series of lively events taking place throughout the year, which give the audience a chance to meet our postgraduate researchers and explore big themes impacting society today, from tackling the climate crisis to the future of robots and the mental health of children in the digital age. Details of each event are provided below.

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Past, present, future: A multidisciplinary exploration of mental health 

6:30 pm - 8 pm, 17 October 2022, Watershed Room 3

From medieval approaches to mental health to the future of how we explore what happens inside the brain, this exciting event will show us what the past can teach us about our relationship with mental health and explore new treatments and methods that will revolutionalise the future. This event is being run in collaboration with the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research. 

Free wine and nibbles from 7:30 pm -8 pm

Living with Robots: Exploring our relationship with artificial intelligence

Monday 11 July 6:30pm, Watershed Room 3

As robotics technology advances, what are the social and cultural implications for a future shared with intelligent robots that can think for themselves? This event ran in collaboration with the Bristol Digital Futures Institute.


A Brighter Future: Improving mental health for children and young adults

Tuesday 12 July 6:30pm, Watershed Room 3

From the pressures of social media to the benefits of an active lifestyle, how can we create a brighter, healthier future for a generation of young people facing more challenges than ever before? This event was run in collaboration with the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research.

Reasons to be Hopeful: Working together to tackle the climate crisis

Wednesday 13 July 6:30pm, Watershed Room 3

Our researchers took a hopeful look at how we can tackle climate injustice and shape a cleaner, more resilient world if we work together. This event ran in collaboration with the Cabot Institute for the Environment. 

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