Funds for current PGRs

There are funds available to all postgraduate researchers for different purposes. Read about the ways you can access funds to support research-related activities, personal and professional development, and other events and initiatives.

Whether you are seeking support for research-related activities, your development or events that benefit the wider PGR community, find out here how you can access or apply for funds. 

Funding administered by the Bristol Doctoral College

The following funds are open to all postgraduate researchers who meet the criteria and purpose of the fund.

Funding from your School or Faculty

If your funding need is research or discipline-related, check with your local research group, school or faculty. While funding varies from school to school, there are funds designated for research-related costs. Check with your supervisor or school administrator about what is available to you, whether you fit the criteria, and how you can apply.

Funding from across the University

Funding from outside the University

You can also search externally for various funding pots via the following search engines:

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