Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)

What is PRES?

PRES is a national survey of postgraduate research students that’s organised by Advance HEThe survey is designed to highlight areas of strength — but also to collect feedback that helps us in schools, faculties and the support services to make changes that improve the learning experience for postgraduate research students. The PRES data helps us to see how the postgraduate research student experience at Bristol compares with other universities in the UK. Until 2017, the survey ran every two years. From 2018 onwards, the survey has been made available to universities to run on an annual basis. PRES is one of the most effective mechanisms for you to improve and change the University for a better and more positive experience. 

Take part in PRES 2023

Your feedback is important. Over one hundred universities and colleges take part in the UK and globally. This means we can compare your experience against similar postgraduates at other institutions to see if we are supporting your research and learning as we should

Is it anonymous? 

Your survey response is confidential to the team processing the results and no reporting outside of this team will identify any individual. Any results communicated to teaching staff will be anonymized. 

What happens to the results? 

Change through PRES takes effect through all faculties and schools, and various central services involved in supporting the postgraduate research community. 

Previous PRES surveys

Full dataset for previous PRES surveys (UoB staff only)

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