Ordering & installing Stat-JR


Stat-JR currently built to run on a modern (version 7-10) 64bit Windows operating system. If you wish to use the eStat estimation engine you will also need to have the .Net Framework version 4 installed.

How to order Stat-JR

Stat-JR is distributed with MLwiN, and is therefore free to UK academics, and otherwise available for purchase. To order Stat-JR, fill in the form which applies to you:

Once you have received your copy of Stat-JR, see our installation instructions, below, on how to install it.

For information on which other software packages Stat-JR can inter-operate with, and how to modify Stat-JR so that it knows where to find them, see our Additional Software page.

Upgrading Stat-JR

To upgrade Stat-JR, please complete the New download request form.

Licence files

As Stat-JR has been developed by researchers funded on UK ESRC research council grants we will keep the software freely available to UK academics but we reserve the right in the future to potentially charge non-academics and or those from outside the UK for the software (a similar system to that which we use for our MLwiN software).

The license agreement details warranties, copyright etc.

Installation instructions

Before you get started

Note: the software will also need to be installed by someone with administator rights.

  • Step 1: Install the Stat-JR software

    • Soon after you have ordered a copy of Stat-JR (see above) you will receive the installation file, StatJR.msi; to get started, double-click on this file to run it.
    • You can accept the terms in the Licence Agreement by ticking the appropriate box, after which press the Install button.
    • The Stat-JR Setup Wizard will then start the installation process; once it has indicated it has completed, press the Finish button.
  • Step 2: Install a C++ compiler

      • In order to use the software you also need to download a C++ compiler; we recommend MinGW-64 (since we have most extensively tested Stat-JR with this compiler). To do this, go to the MinGW-64 sourceforge page and click the mingw-w64-install.exe button on that page.
      • Once the MinGW installer has been downloaded, open it, and press Run.
      • When asked, press the Next > button, to move to the version selection page
      • Choose 7.3.0 under Version
      • Choose x86_64 under Architecture
      • Choose posix under Threads
      • Choose seh under Exception
      • Choose 0 under Build revision
      • Finally click Next > to move to the next page
      • Leave the destination folder as the default location and again click Next > to begin the installation
  • Step 3: You're ready to run Stat-JR

    • To run Stat-JR, open the StatJR – TREE interface in the Centre for Multilevel Modelling folder which you will find in Windows’ All Programs list.
    • A black command window will open and, soon after, a browser as well, displaying the opening screen of Stat-JR’s TREE interface. Click on the Begin button, and you’re ready to go (see the manuals for further instructions on how to use Stat-JR).
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