Stat-JR Downloads

Templates and eBooks (other than those distributed with Stat-JR) will be made available below as they become available.

Imputation for Multilevel Models with Missing Data Using Stat-JR

Please see the CMM's webpage on missing data functionality for further details of the relevant templates available in Stat-JR. This includes the 2LevelImpute template, details of which were formerly found on the current page.

eBook for causal modelling

The zip file below contains an eBook (and supporting templates) with examples estimating causal effects in the presence of mediating variables. It uses the gformula command in Stata, an implementation of the g-computation procedure, and was produced as part of a collaborative project between the LEMMA III and PATHWAYS nodes of the ESRC-funded National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM).

Causal modelling - mediation (zip, 207 kb)‌

Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract it into your %USERPROFILE%\.statjr\ directory so that the files are saved as follows:




Once you have saved these files, you can either open TREE, and choose Mediation from the list of templates and/or open DEEP, and import the Mediation eBook.

Whilst we have tested these files in a variety of scenarios, if you do encounter any problems then please let us know via our Bug Report Form.

Other templates

The following zip files contain groups of templates that we didn't add to the main install but which may be of interest to users. To use these templates unzip them into the %USERPROFILE%\.statjr\templates directory. Please note that these are development versions, and we will aim to add documentation on these templates at a later date.

further multivariate normal and mixed response models (zip, 59 kb)‌

further statistical operations in R (zip, 5 kb)‌

various types of templates for fitting models in aML (zip, 18 kb)‌

various types of other model (zip, 52 kb)‌

LEMMA workflows

The following zip files contain workflows implementing practicals for modules in the LEMMA online course. To use these unzip the contents (maintaining the directory layout) into the %USERPROFILE%\.statjr\ directory. Once this is completed sucessfully the workflows will be available under the "LEMMA" section of the workflows drop-down.

Module 3: Multiple regression (zip, 704kb)

Module 5: Introduction to multilevel modelling (zip, 822kb)

Module 6: Regression models for binary responses (zip, 274kb)

Module 7: Multilevel models for binary responses (zip, 264kb)

Module 11: Three-level models (zip, 46kb)

Module 12: Cross-classified multilevel models (zip, 152kb)

Module 13: Multiple membership multilevel models (zip, 122kb)

Module 14: Missing data (zip, 43kb)

Note: to run the multiple imputation section of Module 14 you will also need to download and install the templates from the missing data page.

SPSS Teaching eBooks

The following zip files are generic eBooks created for the BA grant for the creation of statistical practical materials in SPSS:

  1. Descriptive statistics for categorical variables [Practical] [Quiz]
  2. Descriptive statistics for continuous variables [Practical] [Quiz]
  3. Tabulation [Practical] [Quiz]
  4. Tests for normality [Practical] [Quiz]
  5. Independent samples t-tests [Practical] [Quiz]
  6. Paired t-tests [Practical] [Quiz]
  7. Non-parametric tests for unpaired [Practical] [Quiz]and paired [Practical] [Quiz] data
  8. Chi-squared tests [Practical] [Quiz]
  9. Correlation [Practical] [Quiz]
  10. Linear regression [Practical] [Quiz]
  11. ANOVA [Practical] [Quiz]
  12. Multiple regression [Practical] [Quiz]

In order to use these eBook you will also need to download and install the assocated templates:

Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract it into your %USERPROFILE%\.statjr\ directory so that the software is able to locate them.

The following document provides an introduction to adapting these eBooks for your own use, using data from the PISA database (OECD (2015), PISA 2015 Database,, accessed on 6th November 2018):

Using the SPSS training materials creation features of StatJR.pdf

To replicate these examples you will need to download the follow data files and place them in your %USERPROFILE%\.statjr\datasets directory:



Or you can create you own custom data file using SPSS with the following script:


Small Area Estimation

The following zip file contain templates and datasets implementing small area estimation within Stat-JR and R, created for the Borrowing Strength - a collaborative software development for Small Area Estimation grant. To use these templates unzip them into the %USERPROFILE%\.statjr\ directory (maintaining the directory structure within the zip file).

The following zip file is an eBook demonstrating the small area estimation functionality available in the templates above.

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