Stat-JR bugs

If you think you have found a new bug (we report known bugs below), then please report it using our Bug Report Form.

List of known bugs and/or limitations

Multivariate normal and Wishart distributions not fully supported by our in-built estimation engine

We are currently working on the algebra system to more fully support multivariate normal and Wishart distributions. As described in chapter 11 of the Advanced User's Guide there is a workaround involving a series of univariate distributions (one for each number of responses i.e. bivariate, trivariate etc.) where the responses are treated as parameters in the distribution. See section 12 of the advanced guide and the various multivariate modelling templates for more detail. Note this approach is limited to up to 6 responses.

Previous bugs

Stat-JR is unable to open eBooks via the TREE interface (fixed in 1.0.6)

It should be possible to load and edit existing eBooks written for the Stat-JR system via the eBook->Load menu in TREE. Unfortunately a few components were missing from the 1.0.5 distributed version, causing an error to occur instead. To fix this extract the file provided in this zip archive into the TREE application directory (default location: C:\Program Files\StatJR\src\apps\tree).

Interoperating with Stan (fixed in 1.0.5)

Unfortunately, since releasing Stat-JR we have discovered bugs which means it does not currently interoperate successfully with Stan. This will be fixed in the next release of Stat-JR.

Interoperating with SPSS (fixed in 1.0.5)

There is a bug in the released version of Stat-JR which means that results for models run in SPSS are not brought back into the system. This will be fixed in the next release of Stat-JR.

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