The Jon Rasbash Prize for Quantitative Social Science


The Jon Rasbash prize for Quantitative Social Science is awarded biennially for early career achievement in the field of quantitative social science. The award was established in 2010 to commemorate the contributions to quantitative social science of Jon Rasbash, who was Professor of Computational Statistics and Director of the Centre for Multilevel Modelling at the University of Bristol. Jon was principally known for his development of multilevel methodology and its software implementation and for his research on studying social relationships within families. Through the development of the MLwiN software and teaching at numerous workshops worldwide, he played a major role in the adoption of multilevel modelling as a mainstream statistical technique.


The prize recognizes early career achievement in the development and/ or application of advanced quantitative methods in any social science discipline. Applicants should be UK residents and in the first 10 years of their research career (including periods of postgraduate study).

The prize is awarded on the basis of a research paper published in a peer-reviewed journal within the previous two years. The applicant should be the sole or lead author of the paper.

Previous Winners

Award year Recipient Paper
2018 Peter Harrison (Goldsmith’s, London) Harrison, P.M.C., Collins, T. and Mullensiefen, D. (2017) Applying modern psychometric techniques to melodic discrimination testing: Item response theory, computerised adaptive testing, and automatic item generation, Nature Scientific Reports 7:3618 DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-03586-z
2016 Guanpeng Dong (University of Bristol) Dong, G. and Harris, R. (2015) Spatial Autoregressive Models for Geographically Hierarchical Data Structures, Geographical Analysis, 173-191
2014 Daniel Stegmueller (University of Essex) Stegmueller, D. (2013) Modelling Dynamic Preferences, A Bayesian Robust Dynamic Latent Ordered Probit Model, Political Analysis 21(3) 314-333.
2012 Ian Brunton Smith (University of Surrey) Brunton Smith, I and Sturgess, P. (2011) Do Neighbourhoods generate fear of crime? An empirical test using the British crime survey. Criminology 49 (2) 331-369
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