Family friendly working

The School of Chemistry supports a healthy work-life balance, and offers a number of flexible working patterns to accommodate parents and carers. Find out what support is available to cater to your specific needs.

The School endeavours to ensure that hours are family-friendly and talks are recorded, with the speaker’s permission, for the benefit of staff who were unable to attend. This applies to meetings and seminars in the School where possible.

Staff experiences

Read firsthand accounts from staff working within the School of Chemistry.

Remote working

The use of online administrative and assessment systems, including the Dynamic Lab Manual (DLM) in the School of Chemistry allow academics to work remotely and reserve time for both research and family commitments.

Returning Carers' Scheme

The University's Returning Carers' Scheme supports academic staff to re-establish their independent research careers on return from extended leave for reasons connected to caring.

Learn more about how you can apply for the scheme

Wider policies to support parents and parents-to-be

Additional University policies which support parents and parents-to-be include:

Support for those with caring responsibilities

Additional University policies which support those with a variety of caring duties include:

Positioning ourselves as world-leading researchers and teachers invariably creates demands for everyone in the school; a supportive environment is therefore a key part of our culture. One of the many ways we ensure that is by enabling both women and men to have a good work-life balance, which respects their personal responsibilities as well as their professional aspirations.

Professor Tim Gallagher, Professor of Organic Chemistry

Report and Support

Bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, assault and discrimination are not acceptable. Students and staff can report something anonymously or get advice.

Acceptable Workplace Behaviour Advisory Service

The University has a network of trained volunteers who provide an informal advisory service to staff who feel they may be experiencing unacceptable behaviour, bullying or harassment at work. The Advisors help people accused of unacceptable behaviour as well as those who are unhappy with behaviour.

Contact us

Please note the School of Chemistry Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets six times a year. If you have any questions concerning EDI or anything you would like to raise with the committee please email

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