Other cardholders

Honorary staff

On or after your start date:

If you have a logon user ID you can upload your photo for your UCard: see the Photo Upload panel to the left. You can collect the UCard yourself 24 hours after upload at Royal Fort Lodge.  The photo needs 24 hours to appear on the UCard system so please make sure you wait until the day after your upload to collect or request the card.

Alternatively you will be able to have your photograph taken at Royal Fort Lodge, once you have started your new post, and collect your UCard immediately.  You will need to bring some identification, you can use your UoB authorisation/contract/letter of employment and some photographic ID such as passport or driver's licence.

A UCard can only be issued once honorary staff status at the University has been authorised via a sponsoring department.

Library UCards

There are a variety of library membership and library visitor options available, to individuals and organisations.

Please click HERE for details or email lib-access@bristol.ac.uk

Visitor UCards