Race and religion

The School of Biochemistry does not tolerate racism of any kind. If students and staff experience, or witness, racist incidents we want to make it known that these incidents should be reported, will be taken seriously, and acted upon. Often such reports are made directly to a trusted member of staff and information passed on appropriately for action. The Just Ask Service provide a helpful outline of the complaints process for students. Complaints about racism, harassment and hate crime are dealt with in line with the acceptable behaviour policy under the Rules and Regulations for Students. Members of staff will also be referred to the Head of School, School Manager and HR.

Students and staff can also report incidents via the online report and support service, where you have the option to report anonymously or give your name. Where a report is made anonymously it limits the action that can be taken, especially where the name of the perpetrator is not given and there is no independent evidence of the incident. However, a record is kept of all such reports and used to build a picture of events. This might help to inform future action, even where there is insufficient information to take action now.

Where an individual gives their name and requests support via the report and support tool, they will be contacted by an adviser who can provide support and advice about next steps. Where an allegation is made about staff behaviour this will be shared with HR and Head of School, for investigation.

The School of Biochemistry Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee addresses issues related to inequity within the School. All students and staff are encouraged to raise any concerns or suggestions. Contacts for all committee members can be found at http://www.bristol.ac.uk/biochemistry/edi/contacts/

The University of Bristol has an institutional commitment to race equality, Institutional Statement on Race Equality, and offers wellbeing and mental health support to all our staff and students, including those affected by racism:

Student Inclusion Services

Visit the Student Inclusion Services site for more information on support for BAME students.

Quiet room available for prayer

F40A in the Biomedical Sciences building is available to staff and students as a quiet space for reflection or prayer. You can access the room at any time of day without a key.

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